April (Non-Fiction - 2015)


By Andrew Eagle &

Tulip Chowdhury


Blurb :

One month. Two lives. Opposite ends of the earth. Andrew is an Australian-born writer living in Bangladesh. Tulip is a Bangladeshi writer living in the States. When the two adventurous souls met online they decided as an experiment to dedicate a month to working together, documenting their lives. April is the result: a unique work of non-fiction that offers two perceptive viewpoints on cultural difference, travel and daily life.

Then, unexpectedly, April outgrew the boundaries of nation-state and calendar month to reveal broader human truths…


Bio :

Australian-born Dhaka-based writer Andrew Eagle has published hundreds of non-fiction feature articles, including in his column in The Daily Star, Village Flute. In 2013 he published a short story in the literary journal Bengal Lights. Andrew has lived a semi-nomadic life but is most at home on Hatiya island in southern Bangladesh.

Tulip Chowdhury was educated in Bangladesh, Yugoslavia and Pakistan. She now resides in Massachusetts, USA. She has published one collection of essays, two poetry collections, a volume of short stories and a novel, Visible, Invisible and Beyond. She believes in living every moment to its fullest.