Bangladesh Stories (2022)

Bangladesh Stories


By Mostafiz Uddin



In "Bangladesh Stories" all the articles have been written from a neutral perspective, focusing on issues that impact the industry and, where possible, offering potential solutions to some of the challenges encountered.

The challenge when producing this book has been an access of material. So far, writer Mostafiz Uddin have written around 300 articles on the Bangladesh apparel industry. Most of these articles have been published in the Daily Star and Dhaka Tribune, two English dailies in Bangladesh. Writer selected just 100 of these articles because any more than that might be overwhelming for some readers.

In this book, writer covers RMG industry, competition, sustainability and environment which are the biggest challenges our industry faces, social and labour issues and finally the technology because innovation and R&D are now key drivers in our industry.

"Bangladesh Stories" is the reflections on current and future trends in the apparel industry of Bangladesh.



Mr. Mostafiz Uddin is a visionary in the area of the sustainable apparel ecosystem in Bangladesh through his philosophy which evolved from his passion for social and environmental ethics. He is believed to be a game changer in the industry through the promotion of innovation and fashion disruption, which he sees as key to the future success of the Bangladesh apparel sector. He is a selfless promoter of the critical issues surrounding sustainable apparel which include responsible business, technology, innovation, circularity and transparency.