The Bird Catcher and Other Stories (Short Stories - 2018)

The Bird Catcher and Other Stories - Short Stories

By Fayeza Hasanat



The Bird Catcher and Other Stories, Fayeza Hasanat’s debut short story collection, unravels the lives of Bangladeshi women—both at home and abroad—and provokes us to reassess our biased notions of a woman’s social, mental, or physical health and her place within the boundaries of her home and beyond.

The eight stories in the collection portray the dominance of patriarchal culture, simultaneously exposing issues pertaining to the other women—those who are cohorts of patriarchal domination, either by choice or circumstance.

But hope is a dangerous thing, and freedom, a desperate hope; it makes people defiant and gives them the strength to redefine the meanings of life, love, dream, or death. The stories of this collection map the trajectories of such defiant hopes and their aftermaths.



Fayeza Hasanat is a literary scholar who specializes in gender studies, translation studies, and literature of the British Empire and the South Asian diaspora. She is noted for her translation of Nawab Faizunnessa’s Rup Jalal (Brill Publishers, 2008). A War Heroine, I Speak, her translation of Neelima Ibrahim’s  Aami Birangana Bolchi, came out from the Bangla Academy in 2017. The Bird Catcher, her debut story collection, is simultaneously published from the USA and Bangladesh. She lives in Florida and teaches in the English Department of the University of Central Florida.