Broken Voices (Novel - 2019)

Broken Voices

By Srabonti Narmeen Ali



Beautiful Young socialite Amola has the perfect life: a handsome husband with a prosperous business, a child attending a prestigious boarding school overseas, a sprawling home in the right neighborhood. But underneath all the glitz and glamor, Amola’s world is full of secrets and lies. Her own voice is constantly drowned out by those of two formidable women in her life: her mother and grandmother. When a tragic accident that shatters countless lives leaves the future of her family in jeopardy, Amola must embark on a journey to find herself, and finally discover her own voice amidst the clamor.



Srabonti Narmeen Ali graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2001. In 2006, she completed her first master’s degree in Culture and Creative Industries at Kings College London. In 2018, Ali graduated with her second master’s degree, in Social Work, from George Mason University in Virginia. Ali is currently working as a Pre-Licensed Therapist while completing her licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She worked at The Daily Star in Bangladesh as a staff writer for the weekly magazine, The Star, for six years.

Ali is a member of Writers Block, a group of Bengali authors who write in English. Her debut novel, Hope in Technicolor, was published by Bengal Publications at the Hay Festival Dhaka in 2013 while the novel’s first chapter was included in the Writers Block anthology What the Ink? published in 2011. Her short story “Yellow Cab” was published in the anthology Lifelines, launched at the Hay Festival Dhaka in 2012.

During her free time, Ali also tries to nurture her two other passions: dancing and singing. She teaches a Bengali and Bollywood dance class at the American Recreational Association in Dhaka and in 2011, released her first solo album, Deluded, which features both Bengali and English songs written and composed by her. Ali lives in Virginia with her husband and two children.