Calligraphy of Wet Leaves (Poetry - 2015)

Calligraphy of Wet Leaves

By Neeman Sobhan

Edited by Sudeep Sen


Blurb :

Neeman Sobhan’s debut collection of largely about the love of places she has inhabited— primarily Italy…how the old and new collide and unite, how the external and internal sit side by side to form new narratives…a record, of her life and the vicissitudes of living in a “place from where no wanderer returns— /a life lived elsewhere.”


Bio :

Neeman Sobhan is an Italy-based Bangladeshi fiction writer, poet, translator and columnist. She teaches at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. Since travelling in the 70’s to the US, where she completed her BA and MA in Comparative and English Literature from the University of Maryland, she has lived an expatriate’s life.

Since 1978 she has been living and working in Italy, with her husband and two sons. Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies in the subcontinent, most recently in India in the volume Stories About the Partition of India edited by Alok Bhalla.

An anthology of her columns, An Abiding City: Ruminations from Rome, was published in 2002. A collection of her short stories, Piazza Bangladesh, was published and launched at the Hay Festival Dhaka in November 2014. She is presently working on her first novel, The Ninety Nine Names for Being.

Sudeep Sen, poet, author and editor of The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry.