Forty Steps (Novella Bilingual Flip - 2014)

Forty Steps

By K Anis Ahmed 


Blurb :

Mr. Shikdar is dead… or is he?

K Anis Ahmed weaves a tale that is at once insightful, touching, and humorous. As he waits for the angels Munkar and Nakir to question him about his life, Mr. Shikdar leads the reader on a journey that encompasses a collage of characters who are representative of East Bengal—a British art student gone native, a beautiful but unfaithful wife, the rather worldly religious leader, street vendors. These small town characters possess a universal appeal because their dilemmas, their hopes, their desires are reflective of ours, of us.


Bio :

K Anis Ahmed is a Bangladeshi writer based in Dhaka. He is a co-founder of literary journal Bengal Lights. His first book of short stories, Good Night, Mr. Kissinger, was released in Bangladesh by UPL in 2012 and in the USA in 2014 by The Unnamed Press. His first novel, The World in My Hands, was published in 2013 by Vintage/Random House India.

Ahmed is a co-founder of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and publisher of the new national daily, Dhaka Tribune. He lives in Dhaka with his wife and son.