Letters of Blood, a Novel (Translated novel - 2016)

Library of Bangladesh Presents

Rizia Rahman

Letters of Blood, a Novel

Translated By Arunava Sinha

Edited By Arunava Sinha


Publishing Year 2016

Published by ULAB Press.

ULAB Press, formerly known as Bengal Lights Books (BLB), is the publishing imprint of ULAB.



Rizia Rahman's novel is set in the violent world of prostitution. With great sensitivity and insight, it chronicles the lives of women trapped within this bleak world, constantly facing threats of physical abuse, drug addiction, pregnancy, abortion and disease. And while many dream of escaping through marriage or retirement, most find relief only in death.



Rizia Rahman was born in West Bengal in British India. Upon receiving her master’s degree in economics from the University of Dhaka, she entered academia. Rahman began writing at the age of nine and her stories and poems were published in newspapers such as Satyajug, Kolkata and Sangbad, Dhaka. Her debut collection of short stories, Agni Shakkhora, was published when she was a university student. Since then, she has published more than fifty novels as well as countless short stories, essays, literary criticism, belles-lettres and children’s fiction. Translations of her novels and short stories have been anthologised in various publications in Bangladesh and abroad. Rahman has received numerous awards for her writing, including the prestigious Bangla Academy Award, the Bangladesh Lekhika Shangha Gold Medal, the Swagat Gold Medal and the Anannya Literary Award.