Memoirs Of Dacca University 1947-1951 (Memoirs - 2017)

Memoirs Of Dacca University 1947-1951

By AG Stock


Blurb :

‘A troop of brown boys in loincloths leapt from the bank and raced towards the steamer. I have never seen such swimming; they went through the water like drapers' scissors through bales of cloth, clambered on board and posted themselves, glistening and dripping, beside our baggage.’


Bio :

AG Stock was a visiting professor at Dacca University, East Pakistan in the immediate aftermath of the Partition. As a progressive academic, she recorded the political and intellectual ferment of that time with rare insight and sensitivity. As a literary scholar, she wrote lyrically about its social and natural landscape. Her memoir is a classic portrait, in the era of decolonisation, of a people passionate in the defence of their culture, and of a new nation in vigorous search of its identity.