Yours, Etcetera (Short Stories - 2015)

Yours, Etcetera

By Ikhtisad Ahmed


Blurb :

The thought-provoking and engaging debut short story collection from an emergent Bangladeshi voice sees compelling protagonists journey through energetic narratives that are a blend of socio-political satire and fresh humour. Traversing rural and urban Bangladesh and England, the ironic glimpses of political hypocrisy are contrasted with the heartbreaking struggles of common people. Simultaneously outraged and humorous, the layered tales bear witness to the universal adversities of these times and humanity’s existence in their face.


Bio :

Raised in Dhaka and residing in London, Ikhtisad Ahmed is a human rights lawyer turned writer. The Dhaka Tribune columnist’s critically- acclaimed writing credits include the poetry collections Cryptic Verses and Requiem, and plays the Theatre of the Absurd fable in three acts, The Deliverance of Sanctuary, and the two-act absurdist satire about the Occupy movement, Esne in Taberna. Additionally, he is working on MADE, an Arts Council-endorsed theatre project, and various commissioned screenplays. Absurdism, justice, equality, politics and existentialism are recurring themes in his work as Ikhtisad seeks to give a voice to the oppressed, the marginalised and the forgotten.